5 Creepy And Weird Comic Book Movie Sex Scenes

1. Watchmen (2009)

Watchmen Watchmen is a pretty damn sexy film on the whole and the outfits the super women wear are more than a little pleasing to the eye. But let's be honest, there isn't a single sex scene in the film adaptation of Watchmen that is what you might call 'Vanilla'. In fact almost every list ever that discusses uncomfortable or outright strange sexual liaisons in film list Watchmen near the top. Here at What Culture we're declaring it as the very pinnacle of our list. The ultimate film of any genre containing the most bizarre and creepy sex scenes you're ever likely to see on the big screen. But why I hear you ask? Well, there's the above example which is just completely unnecessary, totally too long and is entirely out of place. The sex between Nite Owl and Silk Spectre would look more at home in a soft porn movie. In fact if it were the only scene of its type then the film could be renamed Confessions of a Superhero but alas despite how awkward this 'moment' actually is it only gets worse. That's right, read the dialogue above and then say to yourself: "This actually gets worse". Any hopes of a sustained stiffy are completely ruined in the other 'sexy' moments contained within as well. Take your pic fellas. There's the moment The Comedian rapes the original Silk Spectre which is a great mood killer or alternatively you can look on in awe as Dr Manhattan splits himself into several versions of himself so that he isn't distracted from his work as his other selves pleasure his misses. Now if these don't scream super sexy I don't know what will.
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