5 Deliberately Un-Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Are you are tired of looking for decent Halloween costumes when all you can find is sexy versions of your favourite characters? Whether it€™s a Ghostbusters boiler suits that have been replaced with a low cut shirt and hot pants, or the women€™s version of Chucky form Childs Play€I€™m pretty sure he didn€™t wear knee-high red stiletto boots. If you want to create an awesome Halloween costume this year of female characters from your favourite horror and sci-fi films, take a look at some of our suggestions below.


AuditionAudition is the 1999 Japanese cult horror film directed by Takashi Miike. This is a brilliant film and the costume is easy to recreate. All you will need is a white short sleeved shirt, a white skirt, long black rubber gloves, black boots, a black apron (preferably rubber) with a brown leather belt that you can wrap around your waist a few times. Depending on your hair, you might need a long black wig. If you want to accessorise, stick a mannequin in a sack, and take a couple of bloodied severed feet and a fake syringe along with you.


Aliens is the classic science fiction film directed by James Cameron in 1986. Its protagonist Ellen Ripley is the archetype of female empowerment. This costume is simple to pull off, all you need is a dirty white t-shirt, some grey trousers, braces, a big toy gun, and if necessary a curly black wig. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try making your own Power Loader.


Another classic Japanese horror film is the 1998 Ring directed by Hideo Nakata. Sadako is considered to be one of the scariest horror film characters of all time, and makes for a great Halloween costume. All you need is some pale face paint, a long black wig and a white dress or nightgown. If you want to accessorise this outfit, bring some old videotapes, and if you can find one, hollow out an old television and recreate the iconic scene where she crawls out of the screen.


If you want to dress up as Sarah Connor, you will need to choose between the original 1984 Terminator, or Terminator 2 from 1991. If you are aiming for the original, you need a bushy blonde wig, tight faded jeans, a pink tie-die top and some white 80€™s high tops. If you want to be a military style Sarah Connor, pull your hair back, get some black circular sunglasses, don a black vest, black combats, black boots, a utility belt, and a gun.


Carrie is the 1976 horror based on the Stephen King novel directed by Brian De Palma. To recreate this iconic look, you will need a blonde wig, a pink prom dress, and lots of fake blood. A good trick to applying the blood is to stand in the bath or out in the garden to reduce splatter and spills. The only accessory for this outfit is a crazy stare. We hope that these suggestions have inspired you to start planning your own Halloween costume. And remember, there is no costume but what we make for ourselves! This is post is by the lovely ladies at Girly Night Out. If you€™re looking for a film-inspired outfit with a difference, check out their Black Swan Halloween Costumes.

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