5 Most Awkward Sex Scenes In Film

tumblr_m0qwezMXfl1qmr9rao1_500 Film often over romanticises sex and creates false expectations for "real" people. This article strings together the top five films that attempt to be a little more realistic (or at least less romantic) with the social complications that can accompany the act of sex. Usually when these lists are put together the line between "awkward" and "shocking" is blurred significantly, so to clarify ... this is about toe curling, cringe-induced awkwardness.

5. Blue Valentine

blue-valentine-movie-screenshots15 Rare is it you would expect awkward sex with heart throb Ryan Gosling, but hey he managed to pull it off in Blue Valentine. Not only that, pretty much every sex scene in the film is painfully awkward, even the love scene where Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are all "loved up" feels incredibly tongue tied (Awful pun intended). Actually, for a greater sense of perspective lets sum up the sex scenes in the film *spoiler alert* 1. The incredibly awkward sex scene with Williams' character and her ex-boyfriend, where he forgets to (lack of a better word) "Pull out", which inevitably leads to them breaking up and possibly making her pregnant. 2. The first sex scene between Gosling and Williams where they are "young and in love" that begins with an extremely naturalistic oral sex scene, which seemed to give Williams's character the giggles more than anything else. 3. Now much older and sexually exhausted, Williams and Gosling's characters go to a motel for some "bonding time". The fact Gosling fails to seduce Williams in the shower pretty much sets up the horrendously uncomfortable (not so) love scenes that proceed it.

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