5 Sex Scenes That Traumatized Their Stars

Ron Weasley – scarred for life by the horizontal tango.

Since at least the 60s, mainstream pop culture has become a lot more accepting of sexual content, expanding dramatically from the simple days of passionate kisses to full-out buck-naked lovemaking. Regardless of what everyone's personal views are, these scenes will only continue to be more common and nudity may even find itself in PG-13 someday. Something that a lot of people may not think about, however, is the actors involved in those scenes. It may be common for moviegoers to simply blow-off the intensity involved in creating such a moment due to the fact that both attractive actors are "lucky" to see each other nude, but that often isn't the case. The comfort in making simulated sex relies on a number of factors, primarily the mutual respect both actors feel when with each other and the director in charge of crafting it. Unfortunately, things aren't always ideal for the parties involved and you sometimes have actors/actresses walking out of a set feeling hurt and angered, perhaps because their co-stars treated them terribly or their director was horrible. Here are 5 notable cases that have sprung up over the years.

5. Rupert Grint €“ Cherrybomb

Typecasting is something that can be seen as both good and bad €“ on the bright side, it's nice to see that an actor/actress has found a role they are great at playing, but on the downside, it limits their career possibilities by preventing them from doing stuff outside an audience's comfort zone. When you're a part of a large-scale franchise like Harry Potter, you can be sure that typecasting is just around the corner. As such we've seen our three lead stars accept some crazy parts in other movies, with Daniel Radcliffe in The Women in Black and Emma Watson in The Bling Ring. Rupert Grint starred in Cherrybomb, a drama about two friends who compete for a girl's feelings. If this is starting to sound cliche, rest assured that it is, but it takes the concept to a daring level as the two buddies go on all sorts of binges to usurp the other, from shoplifting to drugs. During these events, Grint's character finds himself in a love scene with the aforementioned girl (played by Kimberly Nixon) and things become pretty hot. Except that in real life, this was all but filled with love. As Grint's first sex scene, the actor revealed how strange it was to be filming this with twelve other men present in the room (referring to the film's crew) and noted that the whole thing ended up being "a traumatic experience" that required drinking every night to help the bonding. Despite this, Grint was kind enough to speculate that it may have been tougher on his female co-star.

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