6 Ways Movie Sex Is Nothing Like The Real Thing

In real life it's noisy, smelly and not at all romantic.

While watching sex scenes in movies are cringe-worthy enough, largely because they're highly unbelievable with the way the actors and actresses are told to portray it, there are many mistakes still being made that the directors are seemingly turning a blind eye to. By and large, a number of sex scenes are deemed utterly pointless in films, so if they're being included you'd expect them to be remotely realistic. However, as you'll see from the list of mistakes highlighted here, a number of sex scenes are making common errors that completely differ from a real sexual escapade. While many of us are no stranger to such carnal delights, the majority would certainly agree it's nothing like what Hollywood would have us believe. What is even worse is that the same mistakes, and the same commitment to the silver screen lie of sex is perpetuated by so many directors, who all seem to have ignored the conventional sexual encounter and have opted for a usually romanticised and wholly make-believe scene solely for the art of cinema. Believe me, there's nothing artistic about a real-life pairing having sex, even when it's two consenting, loving partners, but the message isn't getting through, or perhaps it's being ignored entirely. Whatever the motivation, here are the six common mistakes made during a movies' sex scene that we all can clearly see is absolutely nothing like the real thing...
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