7 Hottest Vampires In Films

Bite me.

When considering the monsters of horror it is rare that they are portrayed as sexually desirable, zombies eating your brain isn't usually high on the sexual fantasy list and Frankenstein isn't a bedroom cosplay norm, forget werewolves because they rip their loved ones to shreds€“ so what is the exception with vampires? Out of all the gothic horrors, Dracula depicts a man who is eternally young, wealthy and has a power that renders women so wild with desire that they follow him to their death. The thrall of Dracula is purely physical gratification so he ticks all the boxes on the 'what women look for in a man card' and anyway, just because he is medically dead doesn't mean he can't...you know, right? The same goes for the women that Dracula keeps in his castle, The Three Sisters, three attractive vampires that are driven by desire and prevent Jonathan Harker from escaping €“ the blood drinking is something that can be overlooked. It doesn't take a genius to work out that when casting a vampire in a movie; generally that actor is already making women weak at the knees or giving teenage boys messy mornings. Forget the Edward Cullen glitterfest that happened and remember what it's like to have a blood thirsty sexually charged vampire go straight from your television screen and into your darkest fantasy.

Elizabeth is a 22 year old student working towards a degree in Film Studies and Journalism at DeMontfort University Leicester. Her favourite film is Withnail and I and she has a rare and annoying talent for quoting any film she has seen. She also works part time at DMU's official Hammer Archive. You can follow her blog for other film ramblings: www.bloggybalboa.wordpress.com