7 Hottest Vampires In Films

7. Dracula (Gary Oldman) €“ Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Although Gary Oldman is well, an old man, he certainly gives a convincing insight into what it's like to be a vampire in love. Regardless of his role being the most convincing and ignoring that the film can easily be read as a metaphor for HIV, Oldman manages to make Dracula seem like a lovable rogue who just wants to get his old girlfriend back. What woman doesn't want a man who has an undying love for her but at the same time manages to give a down below tickle with a simple look? Dracula is a dead guy looking for love in all the wrong places and although he murders his true loves best friend for some cheap titillation, he still remains attractive. After all, nice guys finish last.

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