7 Impractical Sex Positions Movies Trick Us Into Believing Are Pleasurable

Since when did anyone fold like that?

Movie magic is really something: it can take the most basic premise, or the shabbiest bit of scenery, and transform it into something breathtaking and iconic right before our very eyes. There's no denying that that is what movies do well. What it doesn't do quite so well is sex. More specifically, making sex look even halfway normal and not inspiring sex positions that are hellbent on wrecking genitals when recreated in the real world. Too many sex scenes feature a concoction of illogically conceived, impossible to imitate maneuvers that actors have to sell as "enjoyable."

And one can't help but wonder if the filmmaker has a personal vendetta against all moviegoers' junk. Are they trying to break someone's penis? The many hours of evidence certainly suggests so. Human beings are simply not meant to get it on using the anatomically confounding ways they so cavalierly exhibit on the big screen. But that doesn't stop filmmakers from including them with every chance they get.


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