7 Movies People Think Are All About Sex

Prepare to see your favourites in a totally new light.

Sex. Now we've got your attention we'd like to talk about sex in films. The idea of sex dominates our society. Advertising hinges on presenting an idealised life and so often that idealised life is realised through sexuality; everything, from soft drinks to hotel comparison websites use the promise of sex to get you to buy their products. Heck, it's seemingly the only way to sell deodorant. When films deal with sexual themes it's less to present a idealised reality (the sort of films that do can only be shown in special cinemas) and more to either to provide entertainment for the audience or to comment on some little talked area of our society. The former sounds quite vulgar, but it's remarkably common; can you imagine Eva Green would have spent so much of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For naked if it wasn't so titilating? However, that's a topic for another day; now we're going to look at the latter usage. By putting a difficult idea in a film just beneath the surface film-makers can subliminally bring big ideas to a wide audience without causing utter scandal. Today we're going to look at seven movies that people have read some form of sexualised subtext into and try and assess whether it's legitimate.

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