8 Actors Who Were Paid Huge Salaries For Very Little Work

After a cameo in Scary Movie 4 that arguably marked a new low for his cinematic career (attempting an overdose of sleeping pills, Charlie realizes its actually Viagra and dies by landing on his... you know), Charlie Sheen returned to the franchise 7 years later in two scenes to bookend this abomination of a movie. His fee for the one day of work required? $250,000.

Both scenes feature that other celebrity trainwreck Lindsay Lohan, with the opening a spoof of Paranormal Activity as the two fallen stars decide to make a sex tape with oh-so-hilarious results, before the post-credits sting makes light of Lohan's brushes with the law as she crashes a car into a room and kills him, before handing the keys to someone else to take the fall. Not just painfully unfunny, but thoroughly tasteless as well. That being said, what the actor did with the money elicited a more positive response.

As well as giving co-star Lohan $100,000 to help her cover her unpaid taxes and avoid further legal trouble, the remaining $150,000 was donated to three different charities chosen by the movie's production crew. It's a ridiculous amount of money for one day's work, but at least it was used to help those that needed it more.


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