8 Actresses Who Owe Their Careers To Nude Scenes

They got naked, and then Hollywood came knocking. Who'd have thought?

It's not exactly a secret that, as an actress, baring your flesh in a motion picture increases your chances of success. If you happen to be attractive, a capable actor and willing to take off your clothes in front of the camera, it's going to be a lot easier to make it in La La Land. It's shallow, it's sexist... and it's almost certainly true. It's also the reason that so many actresses get naked on-screen in those formative years, long before they officially "make it." Ever noticed that successful actresses tend to just stop signing contracts that require nudity when they get to a stage where they're calling the shots? It's almost like doing a nude scene is a kind of rite of passage that an actress has to go through in order to be considered for the proper parts. Thanks, patriarchy! There are exceptions to the rule, of course - and this trend seems to be more telling of the "old days" than of modern times - Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson have never exposed themselves to the camera, after all, and they're likely to remain successful even if they choose never to do so. That's got to be counted as some sort of progress, right? There are some actresses, however, whose whole careers are owed - or partially owed - to the fact that they went nude on film. Here are 8 such notable examples...


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