8 Awful Video Game Movies That Got The Most Important Thing Right

8. Need For Speed - Fast, Frenetic Energy


It may have gone a little too excessive – even for a movie based on the oft-nuts Need for Speed franchise – but the Aaron Paul-starring Need for Speed movie in 2014 at least got one pivotal piece of its puzzle correct: speed!

The film was panned by critics and the majority of fans, and the stupid plot and wooden performances on display ultimately resulted in a film that had few true redeeming features.

Away from essentially serving as a giant advertising campaign for some of the swankiest cars on the planet, Need for Speed did manage to convey the sheer adrenaline-inducing velocity of the video game series on which the film was loosely based.

Sadly, even the frenetic turned-up-to-11 chase sequences and energetic action couldn’t help the picture from feeling like a slow and painful viewing experience. Going really fast had never felt so nauseatingly slow.

To be fair, Need for Speed did turn a steady profit for Disney when all was said and done - $200 million return from a $65 million budget – but that thankfully wasn’t enough to warrant any follow-up outings for Paul’s Tobey Marshall.

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