8 Most Intense Sex Scenes In The Most Unlikely Films

Unexpected, engaging and just a little intense...

Universal Pictures

There are certain movies that ‘some people’ go to see now and then where the expectations are that things may get a little hot and heavy. While films of the XXX rating obviously fit this bill, other mainstream fare are primarily made to give the audience moments to get the heart a racing.

No-one went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey for its depiction of a man-child overcoming Mummy issues. Sure, that may have been what we got, but it’s the scenes of Dakota Johnson baring all that we, or in this case other viewers, turned up to see.

Bit while the Shades trilogy and erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct deliver us the intense love scenes we are expecting and wanting, this list explores the film that sent the right kind of shiver up the spine when we least expected it.

Be it in films that we expected to be pure action, mood pieces, character studies or thrillers, the films on this list manage to up the stakes and intensity in all the right ways. All the movies listed here were enhanced by their love scenes, adding to the theme and tone of the movie overall while raising some blushes at the same time.


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