8 Unconfirmed (But 100% Happening) Upcoming Movies

You'd be booking your tickets now, if you could.

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a fortune teller, all you need to do is be a movie fan in 2015. The media industry that exists just to talk about the development of upcoming movies is so vast that studios now announce their upcoming slate years in advance, sometimes revealing ten movies at a time. So while general audiences are gawping at the latest trailer for Jurassic World (which looks pretty awesome, by the way) or having a double take over Fox making a new Fantastic Four, on the internet those with a more obsessive inclination are looking to the end of the decade knowing full well how everything blockbuster-related will go down. Just one look at the upcoming big releases reveals how crazy things have gotten. Avengers: Age Of Ultron hits in May, but fans have their eyes cast forward not only the third, but also fourth Marvel team-up. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the year's most anticipated movie, marks the return of the space fantasy to the big screen, but already four more films (two proper episodes and two spin-offs) are locked between now and 2019. And craziest of all, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is still a year away, yet the nine movies that will follow it are already under close scrutiny. But there's more to come than just the movies that the big studios have confirmed. Take a look into the real crystal ball and see eight movies that, while not officially announced, due to contractual reasons or unignorable rumours are 100%, definitely, certainly going to happen.


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