8 Unconfirmed (But 100% Happening) Upcoming Movies

8. The Batman

If recent reports are to be believed, Ben Affleck has signed a six-movie contract with Warner Bros. to play Batman. With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice marking his debut, a cameo in Suicide Squad likely and him all-but set for Justice League Part 1 and Part 2, that leaves two unconfirmed appearances. And odds are on that at least one of those will be a stand-alone outing, favoured to be titled The Batman. When D.C. announced their slate up until 2020 last year, their two most iconic heroes were notable for their absence. Now this could simply be the company not wanting to overexpose Superman and Batman - they're headlining Dawn Of Justice, will feature in both Justice League films, and both have been rebooted twice already since 2000 - but in a world where a couple of years of inactivity in the superhero genre is all the motivation needed for a reboot, to not capitalise on their name recognition is rather short-sighted. In actuality, not announcing a new Batman was probably a smart marketing tick to keep the press coverage on the unproven new properties. Rumours are this unannounced stand-alone Bat-flick will wind up with a 2019 release date, something Ben Affleck's age backs up. Genre leader Marvel are upping their game and have three movies a year planned from 2017, and it's likely their grittier rival will follow suit; The Batman would come the same year as Shazam and Justice League Part 2.

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