9 Actresses Who Are Only Remembered For A Single Nude Scene

8. Lolita's Naked Walk - Alexis Dziena - Broken Flowers

In Jim Jarmusch's dramatic comedy Broken Flowers, which concerns a Don Juan type played by Bill Murray, actress Alexis Dziena features as a character named "Lolita," who is exactly the kind of nymphet that you'd expect from being called as such. That's to say, she's the gorgeous daughter of Sharon Stone's Laura, whose flirtatious nature shocks Bill Murray (who's visiting an old girlfriend) into a stupor when she casually - and totally unexpectedly - walks through the house whilst on the telephone without so much as a care in the world (or any clothes on). Though she's done a few bits and pieces here and there, Dziena isn't really known for her work outside of Broken Flowers; this scene, however, is the kind that stays lodged into your memory banks a long time after you've glimpsed it. It's also the sort of scene that you have to rewind a couple of times, because it really does come out of nowhere - not really surprising, given that Broken Flowers is a Jim Jarmusch movie, but still...

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