9 Actresses Who Are Only Remembered For A Single Nude Scene

7. The Steam Room - Barbara Nedeljáková & Jana Kaderabkova - Hostel

You've probably never heard of Barbara Nedeljáková and Jana Kaderabkova, but you'll certainly remember their faces - amongst other things. This beautiful pair featured in Eli Roth's iconic horror movie, Hostel, of course, playing two gorgeous sirens - Natalya and Svetlana - whose job is to lure unsuspecting backpackers to their doom. Though they're relentlessly wonderful to look at for the span of the movie, the most memorable scene in Hostel - and, indeed, the scene that the pair are best known for - occurs when heroes Paxton, Josh and Oli join them in the steam room. The girls are naked except for a couple of towels around their waists, and it's quite a sight to behold. Neither girl went on to establish a major film career, which means that they're mostly known (or only know, perhaps) for their nude scene in this film. Which is totally fine.

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