Avengers 4: New Endgame Spoilers Revealed By Toys

Guess who's back to fight Thanos...

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You can always rely on toy-lines to spoil things when it comes to Marvel's big releases. Usually, the LEGO tie-in sets come with major spoilers, like the fact that Giant Man was in Captain America: Civil War or that Shuri was going to try and take the Mind Stone out of Vision. But it's not those guys this time around.

The spoilers for Avengers: Endgame come courtesy of a line of Hasbro figures that reveal new looks at some of the characters as well as confirming a few little details and some major returns from death.

Twitter user Stephen N. Parker discovered the lines and shared them, showing off the Avengers in their new "Titan Series" battle armour, as well as showing a close-up look of Ronin's mask, new weapons for Hulk and Thanos and the confirmation that Valkyrie will be involved...

Interestinly, the series also includes appearances by Star-Lord and Spider-Man, in their costumes as they were when they died, which is not all that surprising, plus Captain America wearing his first Avengers movie costume.

By the look of it, we're going to see a mission - probably to Titan given the name of the toys - involving Thor, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon and the so-called Professor Hulk, since they're all wearing the same new armour. That could also include Iron Man, since he doesn't need custom armour and War Machine, though he's weirdly absent from the toys.

Thanos and Hulk's figures also come with new weapons, suggesting some heavy-duty fighting...

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