Batman Forever: 15 Behind The Scenes Photos You Must See

Giant bats and phallic Batmobiles. Yup.

Batman Forever Giant Bat Val Kilmer
Warner Bros.

Batman Forever is one of the most divisive films in the Dark Knight's history, a stylistically exuberant effort that was nevertheless criticised for its perceived toy-friendly nature, and director Joel Schumacher's obsession with both neon lighting and those damn Bat nipples.

Still, it is an enjoyable movie when embraced as imperfect and taken in the right spirit, one that clearly had a ton of effort and hard work poured into it, evident no more than by this crazy collection of behind-the-scenes concept art and on-set images.

Not everything worked out for the best, sure, but it looks like they had a lot of fun making it, and by Schumacher's own admission, he ran a free-flowing, creative set where anyone from any level was able to contribute ideas to him directly.

Perhaps that explains why the film's a bit of a mess, but probably also why it has so much personality.


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