Batmobile Photo From Batman vs Superman Revealed

The Dark Knight's wheels finally spotted in the wild!

Chicks dig the car. We're getting fairly well acquainted with the Caped Crusader Ben Affleck will be playing in upcoming blockbuster dust up Superman V Batman: Dawn Of Justice, but we're yet to see much of his ride. Not sure what the Dark Knight is looking so moody about to be honest, considering the on-set snaps we've seen of the updated Batmobile make it look pretty sweet. It appears that director Zack Snyder is taking more cues from Christopher Nolan's previous Batman films as well as Frank Miller's classic Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, with a supervehicle that looks part sportsmobile, part all-terrain vehicle and part tank. And all awesome.

The covert snaps come from Instagram users amacro13 and dcu_the_watchtower (well what else do you expect from a name like that eh), taken on the Detroit set of Batman V Superman which has so far gifted us images of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne going about some secret identity business, along with Amy Adams and Henry Cavill's stellar ice bucket challenge. These photos of the Batmobile are probably the most tantalising leak from the film we've had so far, with it looking likes a more streamlined version of the tank-like vehicle from The Dark Knight Returns, or a faster version of the "tumbler" that Christian Bale's Caped Crusader drove. Which should probably do well when the titular superheroes eventually, inevitably clash, allowing Bats to get a little distance between himself and the Man Of Steel. Considering the amount of people Supes (inadvertently, if you wanna be charitable) knocked off in his last film, he'll certainly want to.

Not much is known for sure about Dawn Of Justice so far, bar the cast - including Gal Gadot as a stern-looking Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg as a presumably Zuckerberg-like Lex Luthor - and the a suggestion that the plot involves the slapheaded villain using the body of - SPOILERS! - Kryptonian bad guy General Zod, who died at the end of Man Of Steel, as a weapon against Superman. And obviously, he's gonna have to fight Batman at some point. Because that's in the title and if it doesn't happen we'll be letting Trading Standards know our disappointment at having been mislead by false advertising. Then Warner Bros will know what our own Dawn Of Justice feels like.

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