Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Kill Breaking Bad Reunion Rumours

It's actually more breaking booze than Breaking Bad...

Breaking Bad

Just when you thought there was reason to get excited for the possibility of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White reuniting on screen, it all comes tumbling down.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, former Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been teasing their followers with the possibility of a project they're working on together through some cryptic social media posts. Naturally with the Breaking Bad follow-up movie in the works, fans took it as indication that the pair would both be featuring in the movie, which wouldn't have been entirely outrageous.

After all, while a continuation of Jesse's own story after his escape in the final season would be good, it would never be as easily marketable as a project including White from the get-go (even if he was no more than a ghostly presence sent to torment his former protege).

But it's not to be (or at least this was never an announcement of that possibility), because Paul has just announced what their actual reunion is about: booze...

The pair have turned their hand to bringing the world's best Mezcal to the alcohol industry, under their new Dos Hombres banner. From one vice to another, eh?

Let's just hope this isn't the only time we see them together again.

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