What Your Favourite Marvel Movie Says About You

It's like a window into your geeky soul.

Comic books fans have never had it so good. After Joel Shumacher turned the Dark Knight into tacky trite, it looked like superhero movies had been killed off forever, that there was no place left for them in a world where films like Titanic and Men In Black ruled the box office. However, like a phoenix from the ashes, X-Men arrived a few short years later to prove that comic book movies still had potential and that rubber nipples were no longer necessary to keep the genre afloat. In 2005, Batman Begins took superheroes to a darker place, where gruff shouty voices and batmobile killing sprees were all the rage, but it wasn't until Marvel released Iron Man that the comic book renaissance got into full swing. Never before had a company meticulously planned out their release schedule quite like Marvel Studios, who gradually built up their cinematic universe with each release. Individual movies like Iron Man and Thor were successful in their own right, but it took the release of The Avengers to make Hollywood really sit up and take notice. While other studios began playing catch up, COUGH AHEM D.C. COUGH COUGH, Marvel have continued to hit it out the ball park every summer. This year alone saw the company bask in critical acclaim after the double whammy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy, proving that Marvel can do no wrong. Hell, the studio could even add metal nipples to Tony Stark's suit at this point and Avengers: Age of Ultron will still be the biggest movie of 2015, guaranteed. Ten releases in, everyone now has a favorite Marvel movie and if you don't, it's time to re-evaluate your life choices. Here's where it gets tricky though. Do you prefer the banter of team movies like The Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy or are you more of a lone wolf? Which Chris wins in a game of love, marry or kill - Hemsworth, Evans or Pratt? And most importantly of all, what does your favorite Marvel movie say about you? Read on to find out the answer to that age-old question, unless of course you're worried about what you may discover about yourself...
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