Fifty Shades Of Grey: 10 Sexy Moments That Prove Dakota Johnson Is Perfect As Anastasia

Dak The 50 Shades of Grey movie has found its Anastasia Steele and so one of the most googled names in recent days will have been that of 23-year film actress and model Dakota Johnson. With so many other big names being attached to the project at one stage or another, some fans are slightly peeved (to say the least) with the decision to hand the role to Dakota Johnson. Many, however, have sprung to defence and justifiably so. Those who are familiar with some of her more recent roles and modeling work will have seen enough to think that casting this young beauty from Texas was actually a pretty smart move. The relatively unknown actress, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, will already be feeling the weight of the fan's expectations; however we have reason to believe that Ms. Johnson has already exhibited enough form to justify her casting. In fact, we have 10 of them.

10. That Scene With Justin Timberlake

The Social Network Amy

Even though this particular scene in The Social Network was a bit of an ego-scratch for Justin Timberlake's character, it's young Dakota who sparkles in just a Stanford sweatshirt, a red pair of pants and a towel.

Not only does she look amazing throughout the scene, but there is a real connection between her and JT - something she reportedly has already with Charlie Hunnam (Christian Grey).


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