Fighting With My Family Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

A simple but effective wrestling biopic.

Fighting With My Family Jack Lowden Florence Pugh

The biopic of WWE's Paige, Fighting with My Family, hit U.S. cinemas this past week ahead of its U.K. bow on February 27th, and despite some reasonable fan scepticism surrounding the project, it's actually turned out surprisingly well.

Since its late-January premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the film has been scoring consistently positive reviews from critics, currently rocking a 90%+ Rotten Tomatoes score, surely far in excess of what most fans were expecting.

Is Fighting with My Family a great film? No, but does it provide a satisfying whistle-stop tour of Paige's humble origins and eventual signing to WWE? Absolutely.

With The Rock's backing behind it - both as a producer and in cameo form - it's an easy charmer that delivers a spin on the typical underdog story that's just weird enough to feel fitting for the bizarro world of professional wrestling.

Whether you're a WWE fan or just appreciate an easy-to-root-for hero, there's plenty here to enjoy. But first, here's what didn't quite work...


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