Harry Potter Quiz: Can You Match The Weasley Scene To The Movie?

Only those who could be an honorary Weasley will be able to score 100%.

Harry Potter Weasley Half Blood Prince
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In the wizarding world there is no pure-blood family more kind of heart and loving of Muggles than the Weasleys. With seven children, Molly and Arthur might not have a large amount of money but they create a warm and loving family.

Harry Potter is practically adopted by the Weasley after making friends with Ron. They welcome him each year to the Burrow, send him woolly jumpers at Christmas and even take him to the World Cup. The whole family treat Harry as one of their own, a kind gesture when Harry has no memory of a home outside of the neglectful Dursley’s.

There's Bill, Charlie and Percy who are all over achievers. Each became Head Boys, Prefects and Quidditch Captains. The twins Fred and George despite being intelligent, preferred to cause a little bit of mischief. Ron always feels the pressure from his older siblings, but his bravery and friendship made him Harry's best friend. Let's not forget Ginny, who thanks to her brothers knew anything was possible with a bit of nerve.

How closely have you been paying to the Weasley family? Do you know which film a particular Weasley scene appeared in? Only those who could be an honorary Weasley will be able to score 100%. How many will you get? Let's find out!

1. Which Movies Does This Weasley Scene Appear?

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