Harry Potter Quiz: Who Killed Who?

In the world of magic, monsters and muggles, who killed these people who died in the struggle?

Warner Bros.

Most people in this world are familiar with the story of Harry Potter and his struggle to overcome the villainy of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Whether you read the book series or waited for the film releases, the story portrayed and the characters introduced remain close to your heart.

The books and movies begin as a light hearted introduction to the world of magic. The threat of Voldemort is just a dark cloud way on the horizon, but as the movies progress and the protagonists get older the theme of the story changes. The closer to the inevitable showdown at the end the more overall feeling turns to a darker nature, with hopelessness and a growing sense of impending doom hanging over your head.

When conflict between light and dark takes place, especially with killing curses being a thing, death naturally follows. Whether it be beloved characters that we have grown to know and love or the villains that deserve a satisfying death, there are plenty to choose from.

Can you identify the culprit behind the deaths of the following characters?

Answers are at the end!

1. Myrtle Warren.


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