Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II Quiz: True Or False

Harry Potter's Finale's Finale.

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After almost an entire decade, the legendary Harry Potter movie franchise finally came to a close with the finale's second installment, a phrase that really shouldn't exist. The unfortunate reality of Hollywood aside, the series managed to do something almost impossible for a franchise as long-winded and expansive as this: stay consistent.

Whether or not you loved each and every entry, J.K. Rowling still did an exceptional job crafting a story worthy of thousands upon thousands of pages. While the series' four different directors all brought something different to the table, the Harry Potter movies all still feel congruent and cohesive together.

Such a great multi-part story would fall short in the history books without a strong finish though, and Deathly Hallows' second part more than provided. So, to the fans who think they've got every final detail down to the hair, let's see you prove it.

Answers at the end!

1. Twenty Years Have Passed By The Finale


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