Horrible Bosses 2 Script Leak Reveals Jennifer Aniston Lesbian Sex Scene

The UK's Daily Mail have come up with something of an exclusive that is destined to get pretty much every fan of Jennifer Aniston hot under the collar. According to the paper, who got their hands on a leaked copy of the script for Horrible Bosses 2, the former Friends star will push the sexy boat out even further after her blistering performance as nymphomaniac dentist Julia Harris, by upping the stakes quite considerably. Not only will she bed Jason Bateman's Nick, after meeting up with him at a sex addiction clinic she holds at her own dental office, which he infiltrates under a false name in order to seduce her (achieved using the age old trick of an invented bisexual threeway story) but she also finally gets her man in Charlie Day's Dale. The first movie saw Dale fend off Julia's advances, even when pressed tightly into a corner stuffed with sexual harassment, implied sexual assault and sexual blackmail, but Day's former dental assistant is enticed into her arms after Nick regales him with the story of his own encounter with her. That scene, which opens the film, looks set to be a keeper, featuring Anniston dressed in a skimpy flight attendant's outfit, and uttering the immediately iconic line: "In preparation for landing I need your schlong in a locked and upright position." Julia again has to blackmail Dale into sex (what is he, crazy?!) - who is of course by now married - sending him into a guilt spiral, which sees an unlikely, but thrilling pay-off when Jennifer's last scene in the film - according to the Mail's leaked script - shows that she has also seduced his wife. It doesn't look there'll be too much of an open girl-on-girl scene, despite some "seductive touching," but it wouldn't be Aniston's first time, after kissing both of her female co-stars in Friends (as well as Winona Ryder.) In celebration of Anniston's upcoming raunch, we're re-rolling out the finest moments in Anniston's career where she went bad for sexy roles. Click the image or Next to view the article...


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