Horror Quiz: Who Said It Freddy, Chucky Or Pinhead?

It should be Child's Play to match these Nightmarish quotes to the right cinematic Hellraiser.

Freddy Chucky Pinhead

Right up until the eighties Horror cinema had been largely populated by silent or inarticulate monsters, see Michael Myers, Leatherface, Frankenstein's Creature, The Wolfman, Zombies, etc, with the odd exception such as Dracula or Norman Bates.

That all changed with the arrival of A Nightmare On Elm Street's gleefully cruel dream monster, Freddy, Hellraiser's regal and sadistic demon, Pinhead, and Child's Play's vicious serial-killer doll, Chucky.

These iconic boogeymen had personality in spades and much like the famous action stars of that era were known to punctuate their bloodletting with a pun or quip just as likely to raise a dry chuckle as a scream. With twenty-seven movies between them this trio have shed a lot of blood and spouted a lot of one-liners, but can you tell who said what?

Answers at the end!

1. "Now I'm Playing With Power"


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