James Bond 25 DELAYED After Daniel Craig Injures Himself On-Set

The anticipated sequel hits another roadblock.

Skyfall James Bond

At this point, Bond 25's production might as well be cursed. After dramatically switching directors, pushing back the beginning of shooting multiple times and calling for a last-minute touch up of the script, the next chapter in the spy saga has hit yet another hurdle as star Daniel Craig has injured himself while filming.

Apparently the actor has had to fly from Jamaica back to the U.S. to get his ankle attended to, after falling awkwardly during a sequence that had him sprinting on-set. In the grand scheme of things, it's not as cool as Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while jumping across skyscrapers during the production of Mission: Impossible Fallout, but it's serious enough to suspend shooting on the picture.

The extent of the delay is unclear at the moment, but shooting that was about to begin at London's Pinewood Studios has allegedly been cancelled as the production figure out how to accommodate Craig's injury. How seriously this will affect production going forward - and whether or not it will impact the April 8, 2020 release date - is yet to be seen, but it's another annoyance for Sony's troubled project.

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