James Bond: 7 Most Outrageously Sexist Moments

Holly Goodhead, seriously?

James Bond has, historically, not exactly been at the forefront of the charge for women€™s rights. He€™s largely been a bit of a letch, able to hump his way around the free world rescuing incapable maidens who've got themselves into scrapes and congratulating himself on being a global one-man advert for swearing off men altogether - if you're involved with Bond you're generally going to end up kidnapped, shot, fed to piranhas, drowned, painted gold, or some frightful combination of the above. Throughout the twenty-three official Bond films, women tend to be either vapid sex objects who exist to say €œWhat does that mean?€/€œWhat are you doing?€/"Please help me James I've gone and got myself captured again what am I like"/€œOh James Bond you€™re such an international superhunk cor blimey let me touch your enormous spy pecs€ and variants thereof, or to be the bounty which Bond collects having saved the world yet again. Things have got rather more interesting with the introduction of Eve Moneypenny's background in the field, and Judi Dench's M is one of the towering presences in the whole Bond oeuvre, but there have been some really staggeringly sexist moments throughout Bond history.

Holding midfielder; can get forward. Decent engine.