Jason Momoa To Star In The Wrestler 2?

Have you ever seen a two trick pony in the field so happy and free?

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Mild spoilers for the original film follow...

According to venerable wrestling journalist...Natalya, a sequel is in the works to Darren Aronofsky's critically-acclaimed 'The Wrestler', his 2008 meditation on the grim post-life of the fading '80s household name.

From a preview clip of next week's Total Divas, Natalya claims that Jason Momoa (!) contacted Bret Hart (!) in order to secure Natalya (!) a role in the movie. Already, if this is not some bullsh*t scripting to put Natalya over as a dunce - "She doesn't know who Jason Momoa is, what's she like, eh?!" - this bizarre would-be cast list seems drastically removed from the heart of the original. The Wrestler is iconic for its inspired stunt-casting and a tone so sobering that it enabled non-fans to grasp the dark and painful recesses of an industry they may have perceived as a circus.


No film or pop culture outlets have revealed that a sequel is on the horizon, and it doesn't seem much like the sort of film that justifies one. The entire premise of The Wrestler is of a man's life that doesn't much feel like one anymore: Randy 'The Ram' Robinson was in the last chapter of his life in middle age. Also, he probably died at the end.

Perhaps this is pitched as the second film in an anthology of sorts, but regardless, if it does happen, and Jason Momoa does lead, Vince McMahon is going to want to sign him with Gary Strydom-sized enthusiasm.

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