John Cena To Star In New Comedy

'Vacation Friends' also stars Meredith Hagner and Lil Rey Howery.


John Cena is set for the lead role in a new movie produced by 20th Century Fox and Hulu, according to a report from Deadline.

'Vacation Friends', which also stars Meredith Hagner (Search Party, As the World Turns) and Lil Rey Howery (Get Out, The Carmichael Show), follows a well-to-do couple who link up with their boisterous opposites during a holiday to Mexico. When they return, they're surprised to learn that their new friends have followed them home.

Inevitably, hijinks ensue.


Clay Tarver, an executive producer on HBO's sitcom Silicon Valley, is set to make his directorial debut on the film. Broken Road Productions' Todd Garner, who worked with Cena on Playing with Fire, produces.

Fox first picked up the treatment for Vacation Friends way back in 2014, and had originally planned to cast Chris Pratt and Anna Faris in the leading roles. Grosse Pointe Blank writer Steve Pink had been attached to the project as director.


Though production has finally got off the ground, it's unknown when the movie will hit cinemas. Cena, who has been keeping himself busy in Hollywood recently, is set to star in The Suicide Squad and Fast & Furious 9 in the near future.

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