Justice League: 13 Complaints Everyone Will (Probably) Have

15 minutes of screen time for Superman?

Batman V Superman Superman
Warner Bros.

The long, winding road to Justice League's release is finally almost over, and it's been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

There's been concern, relief and then a ton more concern, and as Warner Bros. prepares to ramp up their final marketing push for the film's mid-November release, curiosity is surging as to how it will ultimately be received by both fans and critics.

Whether or not Justice League ends up another rampant disappointment for the struggling DC Extended Universe or is another pleasant surprise like Wonder Woman, fans are going to be on their guard after Zack Snyder's first two DCEU movies were so all over the place (or actual crimes against cinema, depending on who you ask).

Even if the film's legitimately good or, whisper it, great, there's going to be an unavoidable litany of complaints, and it's reasonable to predict that these 13 issues are going to be the mammoth superhero movie's most-discussed problems.

It'd be great if even just a few of these potential issues actually aren't issues at all, but it's smart to brace yourself for every single one of them rearing their heads...


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