Mortal Kombat Movie Finds The Perfect Lui Kang

New Line's movie scores another flawless victory.

Mortal Kombat 11

As it gears up for its 2021 release date, the Mortal Kombat movie is continuing to round out its cast of fighters. Following on from the initial appointment of Joe Taslim as Sub Zero, another classic video game character has seemingly found their Hollywood counterpart.

As per Variety, actor Ludi Lin is in talks to play the legendary Lui Kang, who'd presumably act as one of - if not the - heroes of the adaptation. Lin has made a name for himself in the mainstream over the past few years, showing up in major blockbusters like Aquaman and Power Rangers, as well as starring in the latest season of Black Mirror.

It's that last role that's the most interesting though, as in that show he actually played a video game character. Even better, it was a character from a fighting game not unlike Mortal Kombat (though it featured way fewer spinal decapitations), a role which Lin adopted effortlessly. He's a great performer, and definitely has the action chops necessary to go up against a co-star like Joe Taslim.

In general, this casting would suggest that the filmmakers are attempting to do the source material justice, casting actors who can authentically play these parts, rather than calling in big stars and letting the stunt men do all the work.

Expect the rest of the cast to start rounding out towards the end of the year and into the first few months of 2020.

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