Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot: 8 Things We Need To See

7. A Faithful Adaptation Of The Characters

New Line Cinema

The biggest nail in the coffin of badly made game-to-film adaptations has always been the loose translation of video game characters.

One might assume that adapting characters for the Mortal Kombat 2021 reboot will be pretty easy, even prior to the film's production. After all, the fighters of MK now have fully fleshed out personalities, voices, and story-lines, as seen particularly in the excellent MK 11. Simple right?

Well, not really. Those characters work well enough in a video game context, but would translate very roughly to a live-action film if taken as gospel. Liu Kang would turn boring very quickly, Johnny Cage would turn annoying very quickly, and so forth.

A solution could lie in the form of taking the base traits of these classic characters and filling in the gaps in a more cinematic way. Fans will surely enjoy seeing some new quirks added to the personalities of these iconic fighters, as long as they're in line with their classic characterisations. Pretty much exactly what the MCU did with its heroes.


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