Solitary Man Duo Will Teach You How To Pick Up Women In THE GAME!

Brian Koppelman and David Levien to re-write & direct Neil Strauss' expose about a secret society of pick-up artists and how anyone can become a seduction master!

Neil Strauss published his part memoir, part self-help confidence book, part undercover journalism expose The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists in 2005 and quickly became the master of seduction in the minds of thousands of men out there who turned to him as kind of a guru/dating savior. Here was this bald, skinny, average-looking borderline geek who was teaching you the techniques he had learnt from the world's best pick-up artists from secret societies, sharing his experiences with you of the girls he seduced, and was giving you the key of how to get any woman into bed you wanted. And all the time you are looking at this guy and thinking - "Man, if he can do I can I". There's a huge legion of men out there who follow Strauss' writings and ideas like some kind of bible and if you check out his site, you can seen just how big a community his formula for picking up woman has become as men from cities all over the world share their success/failures/experiences with one another. Or for some it's how to mind control and exploit women to get what you want... Rather smartly, Sony optioned the rights to the book at the height of it's mass media publicity campaign and at one time saw The Game as a guy's comedy that American Pie and About a Boy director Chris Weitz would helm but when he got his big franchise chance to direct The Golden Compass in 2006, Sony made a rather unsmart move and let the project die. Then Spyglass Entertainment obtained the rights and writer Dan Weiss, a well known appreciator of the novel and who seemed to have a big passion to get it translated to film, was tasked with the scribing duties but again the studio would let the project die. Lionsgate then had a go with Dodgeball director Rawson Marhsall Thurber for an outrageous comedy adaptation that never happened, before 20th Century Fox had a brief flirt with picking it up and eventually it landed at MGM (interestingly now run by the heads of Spyglass) where it seems the film will now be made. The Hollywood Reporter say Brian Koppelman and David Levien, the writer/director team behind Michael Douglas' Solitary Man (fittingly, about something of a nympho middle aged man) are taking a crack at the property. They will re-write Bad Teacher and The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky's script they have been working on since October and will direct the film, with casting gearing up soon. This is great news as it means we won't be getting a run-of-the-mill Hall Pass style male romantic comedy and perhaps we will be afforded something a little more substantial and poignant. I mean you could definitely go down the dating comedy route that so many producers and directors tried to turn this material into but I've always hoped for something more along the lines of The 40 Year Old Virgin, something with a bit more heart, substance and poignancy. Just imagine Tom Cruise€™s character from Magnolia (who was based on Strauss) as the supporting character/mentor to a sexually incompetent guy/group of guys who are shown exactly how to attract the woman of their dreams. But when the love of our lead€™s desires is immune to it, and the life of easy-lays with any girl he meets becomes unfullfilling, he ditches €˜The Game€™ and returns to being himself. BAM, there€™s your movie! Amazing how it has taken so long to be made. So finally The Game looks like it is going to be made and finally it seems to be in the right hands. Levien/Koppleman, who from the body of their work might just be obsessed with sex having made Solitary Man (as we've said, about Michael Douglas and his older man sexual conquests) Stephen Soderbergh's excellent The Girlfriend Experience (about a high society escort) and Ocean's Thirteen (which had one weird, kinky seduction scene between Matt Damon and Ellen Barkin), have recently been taking the paycheque gig on National Treasure 3 but as that film doesn't look like it will be getting off the ground this year, they are now focusing firmly on The Game. No word on casting yet but the duo had a knack for picking great talent for the low-budget Solitary Man (Jesse Eisenberg, Danny DeVito, Susan Sarandon, Jenna Fischer, Imogen Poots, Olivia Thirlby in supporting roles to the great Michael Douglas) and can we suggest Robert Downey Jr as a seduction expert supporting character... he after all fits all the high confidence, peacock eccentricites of a pickup artist and is already attached to another Neil Strauss novel Emergency. Below, the trailer for the VH1 reality show The Pick-Up Artist featuring Mystery, a major pick-up guru from the novel and this gives you some idea of what the movie could have been like under the different helmers;
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