Spider-Man: Homecoming - What Does The Ending Really Mean?

We've only just begun...

Homecoming 2
Marvel Studios

By now, a significant number of Spider-Man fans will already have seen Jon Watts' excellent - if not entirely flawless - MCU debut for the web slinging fan favourite. They will have been rewarded with a crowd-pleasing mix of spectacle and John Hughes-infused high-school comedy, perfectly marrying up that irreverent tone with the existing MCU and opening up possibilities for the future.

Hopefully that future will involve Spidey staying within the MCU, even beyond the mooted end of the current deal between Marvel and Sony, because Marvel clearly know how to get the best out of their own character. And judging by how well the school elements work in contrast with his superheroism, their fantasy plan for a Harry Potter style franchise taking him through his school years would be exceptional.

For now though, all we can do is look at the story we've just been given, and explore what everything that happens at its climax means - both for the film's arcs and for what comes next. There's a lot of possible waves in there, and it should all make you very excited for what could come next...

So what does it all mean?

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