The Hunt Review: 8 Ups & 5 Downs

The most unexpected - and hilarious - film of 2020 so far...

The Hunt
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You've probably heard of The Hunt, even if you don't plan on seeing it. There's a chance you heard about it as one of the films released as part of the confinement beating early digital release slate that might spell the death of cinemas (if the doom-mongers are to be believed).

More likely, you'll know it as the film that was sort of banned because of its politics. Or the perception of its politics thanks to a tweet by Donald Trump. There's always a tweet by Donald Trump. Anyway, this film is a lot more than an outraged reaction and a tweet from the presidential toilet.

Give it a chance - which you can handily do on digital now - and you'll find it's deliciously sadistic, funny, unexpected and gory. And in this great time of global weirdness, it's just nice to have something to distract everyone.

It's not perfect, by any means, though, and it's the kind of divisive film that perfectly suits the old ups and downs format.

First the negatives...


5. This Wig

The Hunt Emma Roberts
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Seriously, Emma Roberts prominent role right from the very start of the movie - and in the marketing - makes the absolutely terrible wig someone has slapped on her head unforgivable.

No more nuance than that: it's 2020, get a better wig person.

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