The Internet Is DIVIDED Over First Uncharted Movie Images

He might be young, but he more than looks the part.

After over a decade in development hell, cameras are finally rolling on Sony's Uncharted movie. Really. For real this time. There's actual hard, physical evidence to prove it in the form of official images released by the film's star, Tom Holland.


Releasing an image of himself in character as Nathan Drake, Holland offered the world the very first look at the project's younger take on the video game adventurer. Despite the age difference, the production has admittedly gotten the costume spot on, right down to the finer details.

A few more set pictures were revealed too, with Nathan Drake's original voice actor, Nolan North, tweeting out from the set.


With a tentative release date of July 2021, the big-screen Uncharted adaptation is finally becoming a reality and will hopefully live up to the promise of this first tease.

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