Uncharted: 5 Directions The Potential Film Could Take

Sic Parvis Magna.

Allan Ungar

After the recent success of the massively celebrated Uncharted fan film, directed by Allan Ungar and starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake, fans' excitement toward a Sony produced flick featuring the character's adventures has skyrocketed, and with the action hero's icon level status in the gaming world, and Indiana Jones-esque adventures, Drake has been for many years now, the perfect protagonist for a blockbuster flick.

While we have already explored all of the nooks and crannies of Allan Ungar's brilliant fan film itself, in this earlier article, there are many possibilities when it comes to a big (well, most likely low in the world of Hollywood) budget film that we are yet cover.

Most fans have cited Fillion as the most appropriate choice to play the adventurer, hence his inclusion in the fan film, but recently, the current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, has also been rumoured to be associated with Sony's live-action Uncharted. Whether Holland, Fillion or both end up in the role, a film based off of the major PlayStation series would almost certainly make for interesting viewing, whatever route it takes, speaking of potential directions, let's have a look at some.

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