Venom: 19 WTF Moments

The weirdest superhero movie in years.

Venom Tom Hardy WTF

Venom may not be one of the better superhero movies released recently, and honestly, there's a strong argument to be made that it's actually quite terrible. But it certainly isn't a boring movie, and deserves some measure of credit simply for being such a peculiar curio of a comic book tentpole.

Two-parts retro, early-2000s superhero parody and three-parts acting sandbox for Tom Hardy, Venom is an undeniably roughshod film from both a narrative and technical standpoint, but there are at least enough oddities to keep your interest - morbidly curious though it might be - maintained until the very end.

Not since Deadpool has there been a superhero movie that dared to push the boundaries of tone this far, and while hardly as successful at it, Venom still revels in its mildly rebellious strangeness, generic though the core plot and characters unmistakably are.

Digging deep into every crazy moment, bizarre lapse in logic and hysterical one-liner, here are the most WTF-inducing moments from Venom's first solo outing...


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