10 Convoluted Video Game Lores Even The Creators Don't Understand

Even Hideo Kojima's confused by Death Stranding.

Kojima Productions

When it's done right, lore can elevate a good video game to greatness and beyond, while building a franchise which enraptures fans for years if not decades and decades.

At its best, video game mythology can boast more depth than any movie franchise, TV series, or book series you stand it up against.

But the ultra-collaborative nature of games development, with hundreds of people working on a single title, also ensures that internal inconsistencies are extremely common.

With so many different departments working in tandem on an ever-shifting pipeline, issues are inevitable. And though the person at the top might have a holistic view of how the project should be, sometimes that's not as true as you might think.

These 10 hit video games are all intensely lore-rich and have endured with millions of players to that end, even if the creators, directors, and designers have all confessed, at one point or another, that they don't really know as much as they probably should.

If you've ever played a video game and felt it was too hyper-convoluted for its own good, drowning in its own cumbersome mass of storylines and characters, there's a solid chance those at the top actually feel the same way.

But once the ball gets rolling, it's practically impossible to stop, especially with an insatiable fanbase clinging to your every word...


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