10 Kart Racing Games You Won't Believe Exist 

What alternatives are out there to Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing?

TT Games

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled is out now and, by all accounts, it's a huge hit.

The remake of 1999's Crash Team Racing has captured the imagination of old and new fans of the game alike, combining nostalgia with the latest innovations in game design and mechanics.

The remaster of CTR has reawakened a lot of love for the kart racing genre, which was first popularised by a certain Italian plumber in 1992.

The formula of a kart racer hasn't changed much at all since then and it remains one of the easiest gaming structures to replicate. Whilst Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing remain the most popular and successful kart racers, there are plenty of other franchises that have had the karting treatment too.

The plumber and the bandicoot might be the cream of the crop, but there are plenty of alternatives so farfetched and ridiculous, you'd be forgiven for Googling them after reading this list to double check they actually exist.

So, fire up your engines and grab your appropriate power up, because we're diving head first into some of the most obscure and bizarre kart racing games ever made.


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