10 Outrageous Sexy Moments Hidden In Video Games


Naked Tomb Raider
Square Enix

Gamers need love too, and who are we to judge when that need is filtered into games? For almost as long as developers have hidden secret messages and easter eggs in their games, an element of those naughty creatives have taken the opportunity to hide sexual imagery and extra content for gamers to find in even the most child-targeted games.

Some gamers might argue that there is very little that is more sexy than achieving a kill streak in Call of Duty with a hand-gun or a knife, but those developers seem to disagree, recognising that there is clearly a fundamental yearning in the gaming community to see naked skin while they play.

Either that or they quite rightly realise that the sight of inappropriately sexy images in something as main-stream as a tent-pole gaming release is hilarious. More stringent censorship rules might well now see the end of such behaviour, so while it's still possible to see this sort of material, we're celebrating ten of the most outrageous examples of sexual content hidden in video games...

10. San Andreas - Hot Coffee Mod

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hot Coffee
Rockstar Games

Where else could we start? San Andreas' Hot Coffee Mod was the moment that realised ever adults' fear that their GTA-loving children were playing something not altogether wholesome. As if murder, soliciting prostitutes and revelling in a life of crime weren't enough San Andreas included the remains of an ultimately cut sex mini-game that cheeky modders found and duly shared with the world.

Okay so admittedly it's pretty difficult to actually do anything other than simulate sex with all of your clothes on, but the grinding was probably more than enough for prudish mothers everywhere to explode with righteous indignation when they discovered their sons playing through the mini-game.

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