10 Sexy Video Game Moments You Were Never Meant To Find

The X-rated easter eggs never meant for so many eyes...

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As video games have evolved from crude, 8-bit blockfests to the detailed graphical experiences we've come to expect today, the human form has continued to take a more prominent role. Many modern video games put players in control of near lifelike avatars and heroes, seeing the lines between what's real and what's virtual reality get blurred further and over time.

While this makes our action heroes more dashingly good looking or our enemies more dastardly and vile, it can also see video games take on a more sexual aesthetic at the same time. Humans, humanoid aliens and even the odd maniacal villain have been the subject of some fairly raunchy video game moments over the years, and the industry has a number of characters who are renowned pin-ups all over the world.

Not all such moments were as obvious in games, however, and there have been just as many innuendos and easter eggs hidden inside all manner of titles. Whether they were added for the developers' delight or just the unexpected consequence of determined players managing to manipulate the mechanics of a game, these moments were never meant to be seen by so many prying eyes.

Without further ado, here are ten of the sexiest video game moments that you probably were never meant to find.


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