10 Sexy Video Game Moments You Were Never Meant To Find

10. Princess Peach's 'Vibe Scepter'

Princess Peach Vibe Scepter

The Vibe Scepter is an artefact in Super Princess Peach that is used to affect a character's "vibes" and manipulate their behaviour accordingly. In the game Bowser uses the artefact to have minions successfully capture Mario and Luigi, leaving Peach to embark on the quest to rescue the brothers.

When she discovers that the Vibe Scepter is what's been responsible for the unusual activity all across the island, Peach defeats Bowser and removes all effects of its emotional control. Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, not exactly.

The ending sequence for the game describes that the artefact has mysterious powers and that "maybe, just maybe, the Vibe Scepter is hidden away in your house somewhere..." The entries go on to reference the fact that your "mom's been laughing happily a lot", suggesting that this phallic instrument with pleasurable powers may not be quite so innocent after all!


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