10 Video Game Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Didn't Happen)

10. Playing As Solid Snake Throughout Metal Gear Solid 2

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Think the industry is worse than ever for propagating lies? Back in the run-up to MGS 2, we saw entire fake trailers made - with entirely fake assets - to convince you that Solid Snake was the protagonist of the next Metal Gear.

Scenes from aboard the Tanker section remained as the final version's prologue, but everything ranging from Snake vs. the Cyborg Ninja or fighting Fortune just weren't true. Not to mention, a particular crowd-pleasing shot involving Snake taking on Metal Gear Ray on top of the sinking ship was totally gutted.

And why? Because as Sons of Liberty's story was all about the cyclical nature of data, war, combat and societal woes, Hideo Kojima decided to dupe you to make a point.

Fair play to the man, but that also meant Snake's role was over after the opening level.

It's testament to how immaculately well-playing MGS 2 was that its reputation remains positive, though fans would have to wait until Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance to play as Snake for longer than half an hour.

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