10 Video Game Multiplayer Modes That Let You Be An Utter Dick

Wait around the corner and ruin someone else's day? Why not?


If you’ve ever played online games with random players, you’ll know why the golden rule is to… never play online games with random players. In many titles, you just need to be in a party with friends to have a real hope of success.

Communication, cooperation and general multiplayer etiquette can simply go out of the window where random players are concerned. In these lobbies, the very worst of the playerbase is usually represented. The trolls. The griefers. The lone wolves. The ragequitters. The Eminem wannabes rapping down their mics.

Still, online gaming often isn’t to be taken too seriously. Some titles just invite players to mess with their teams, cause wanton carnage and generally ruin everybody else’s fun by design.

Others frown upon this sort of behaviour, but still provide loopholes or means to be a major dick to everybody else in that session. If there’s a way to do so, after all, online players will find it.

From the devious and impossible stages created in the Mario Maker games to the various creative means of Animal Crossing island sabotage, here are some multiplayer games that allow players’ sadism to run wild.

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