10 Video Game Sex Scenes That Made You Feel Like A Pervert

Sex sells, but does it always have to make you feel so dirty?!

One of the key questions gamers constantly have to consider is whether games are become more mature or not, and how. One argument is that games will encompass more complex, humanist themes, and another is that they will deal with the most base aspects of the human condition, such as sexuality. Believe it or not, sex has been around in games for decades, though in games like Custer's Revenge (essentially a crude rape sim), it has been marginalised as decidedly immature and not much more than a hormonal teenager's plaything. Sex in gaming is at an all time high these days, and so we're sitting through more sex scenes than ever. Whether they're artfully done, satirical or whatever, they can make for uncomfortable viewing when in the company of others, particularly if a friend, parent or younger sibling walks in at the crucial moment, confirming to them that you are indeed a pervert. For various reasons, these sex scenes all made us feel a little dirty and in need of a shower. Are there any I forgot about? Let me know!

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